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1. 在宿舍裏從事各項活動,請降低您說話及一切行動所產生的音量,以提供所有住宿人員愉悅的生活及讀書環境。
2. 請節約用水用電。
3. 請共同維護所有人員住宿生活方面的公平性。
4. 禁止事項:
(1) 男性進入女性住宿區,女性逗留男性房間內。
(2) 讓未經服務中心(站)授權之來訪者或其它非住宿人員停留在您的房間內。
(3) 未經核定,任意更換房間或進住空置房間。
(4) 在個人房間(牆面、窗檯等公共區域)外之區域增設或附加各類物件,或造成公共區域髒污、凌亂。
(5) 影響其他住宿人員使用公共區域(設施、物品等)之權利。
(6) 干擾宿舍區門禁安全管理系統或阻礙宿舍區安全通道。
(7) 損壞公共區域(設施、物品等)。
(8) 使用非服務中心(站)提供之炊膳器具。
(9) 餵食寵物(猴子、狗、貓等小動物)。
(10) 在宿舍區(建築)裏吸煙、飲酒、使用非法藥品、賭博或舉行派對等活動。

1. 請維護公共設施、物品等之良好運作,使用後請清潔。如造成髒污、凌亂,服務中心(站)有權收回,並停止住宿人員使用。
2. 住宿人員如造成公共區域(設施、物品等)損壞,得照價賠償。
3. 個人財物請自行妥善保管,離開時,請將貴重物品上鎖。
4. 保持公共區域清潔,垃圾及各類無用物品請攜至各垃圾處理場放置,並配合實施回收。
5. 為維護住宿生活品質及人員健康,公共區域(設施、物品等)每日均派清潔人員實施清潔,每月第二週並特別全面清理(除)非宿舍中心(站)配備之設施、物品。
6. 如遇宿舍內發生任何緊急事件,請儘速通知服務中心(站)、國際交流處或學生事務處。


1. Keep the voice and sound down to maintain an enjoyable environment. Residents are expected to comply with the requests of others to reduce noise levels at all times.

2. Men are not allowed to enter the female dorm rooms; likewise, women are not allowed to stay in the male dorm rooms.

3. Guests are not allowed to stay in the dorm rooms without permission of the administrative office. Students are responsible for the behavior of their guests at all times.

4. Students must live in the rooms to which they have been assigned. Exchanging bedrooms or staying in an empty room is strictly prohibited.

5. Access to fire doors should never be blocked; the automatic closure mechanisms should not be propped open; and the security alarms on these doors should never be tampered with.

6. Using any cooking facilities, utensils, and / or appliances, which are not provided by the University, is prohibited.

7. Feeding pets, monkeys, dogs, and cats, etc., is prohibited.

8. Smoking, drinking, drugging, gambling and/ or giving a party in the dorm building is prohibited.

9. Please help save the electricity power and other resources.

10. Keep public properties in good condition and clean. Any change or damage to the facilities in the rooms and/or public areas will be charged with heavy fines.

11. Take care of your personal belongings and lock them in your room when you go out.
All your personal belongings must be removed from the room no later than the last day of occupancy.

12. Lending the dorm key to others is a serious policy violation, which will lead to expulsion from the Dorm.

13. Keep the public areas clean. Do recycling and put garbage in the trash bins in front of the Service Station.

14. All the facilities in the public areas will be cleaned daily. All the unexpected objects in the public areas will be removed the second week of each month to keep a healthy environment.

15. If any emergency happens, please contact the Wu-Ling Villa Dormitory Service Station and the Office of International Affairs or the Office of Student Affairs immediately.

Violation of these regulations may result in temporary suspension or losing the rights of staying in the NSYSU dormitories.

Living in a community requires individuals to show each other mutual respect and consideration. Please observe the regulations. We wish you a pleasant stay in the dormitory. Thanks a lot.